This all started back in 2007, when I after a long hunt got my hands on a NEXT Cube. Well maybe it was even before that, because iv been wanting a Cube for a long time, if for nothing else then just for the beauty of it.

On this and the following pages I would like to show you what you can do with a Cube with out doing harm to it.

At the end of April 2007 I was the lucky enough to win an EBay action, and this was delivered on May 8





I'm living in Denmark, and even with EBay, parts are hard to come by, so starting up this beauty was out of the question for now.

Of course I will keep looking for spare parts, so I some fine day will be able to run the NextStep / OpenStep system on Black hardware like it was meant to.

(I'm so lucky that the company I work for have 2 white openstep machines - in fact they have been my main CAD work tool until about 2009)

So I decided to take it apart.



OK everything out, is time to find a way to place some hardware inside this thing, and not destroy it more then that its possible to put it back together again.

A lucky trip to my local ALDI store (German based supermarket) made the decision for me, I bought this for about 50 $, normal price 300

Here is the part list


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